Keke Vai Recipe (Tongan)

This recipe is dedicated to my dad.
Semisi Kalanite Brown
I love and miss you dad!

Keke Vai

3-4 Cups flour
1 tsp. baking powder-(per cup flour used)

1-1/2 cups Sugar

3 cups water or less but add
 1/4 cup at a time

Mix dry ingredients thoroughly, then add water and
 stir with a wooden
spoon until well combined.
 Heat 1/4 cup of vegetable oil in a saute pan on medium high heat.
After pan is heated, scoop Keke mixture and carefully pour it onto the pan.
 Fry Keke in oil and flip. (I like using a carving fork to flip them.)

 Remove when browned on both sides.

Drain on paper towels.  Best when served warm.

Enjoy these with some hot cocoa!



mmmmm it's making my mouth water!! can you juss make it for me on a nice cold day?? the recipes annie!!:)
salena said…
I finally found a recipe! I've always asked my dad but he doesnt know any amounts, he can only make it for me:)
I'm gonna try this, hopefully I can make them into perfect balls like my aunties do! Thanks for posting this!
etta said…
thank you so much for this recipe, my dad always makes them, but can never tell me how to make them. I will definitely try this one, and thanks again :)
stillindowney said…
thank you so much for sharing. Our son just got a mission call to Tonga--Jan. 5. I want to make this for his family dinner. We won't have 100 people there but we will enjoy this keke--I want to learn to make other tongan foods--help!!!
CassiLou said…
Thank you for sharing. So excited to make these.
Anonymous said…
It's funny, I have seen this exact recipe from 7 or 8 other cultures. It's called Fry-bread in the Alaskan Native community.
pohakulua said…
When I lived in Tonga we only used water and not the egg or MIlk. This recipe would probably make a lighter pani keke. Back in the 70's not many could afford the milk and egg.
I can't wait to try this one. I love your site - just found it. I make many of the foods and found recipes for others that I miss from Tonga and Hawaii. Mahalo!
Anonymous said…
Thx for this recipe my husband is tongan and im australian all i wanted to do was cook him a dish that remind him of home hes gonna love it
Anonymous said…
pohakula think they call those keke vai cuz dats all the liquid ingredients in it vai, mahoa'a, suka, fakapaku ake lolo...but imma try this one now...i know my fam is gonna love it...Malo aupito mei state oe aloha!!!
Maopa Lutui said…
Thanks for the recipe Ane! Mom couldn't remember all the measurements, since it's been a long while, so your post is a lifesaver:) I've been craving these and the keke isite, so the kids will be happy tonite:)
Anonymous said…
For the eggs do you have to have the same amount of eggs with cup of flours
Ane said…
No ^ you just need 1 for this recipe.
Unknown said…
Thanks so much we couldn't recall the measurements & because if u post we stumbled upon we can make this for a ny breakfast! Malo aupito!