Lu Pulu ( Taro Leaves and Corned Beef)


* 15 taro leaves washed stems removed
* 1 can corn beef
* 1 cup coconut milk
* 1 medium size onion
* 1 chopped tomato (optional)
* 1 banana leaf or 50sq cm foil.
Salt and Pepper to taste.

Utensils used

Knife for cutting, fork & a cutting board.


Pre-heat oven to about 180-200 degrees C.
Wash the taro leaves and put them on top of the foil.
Put the beef on top of taro leaves.
Slice the onion and spread around the beef.
Pour the coconut milk on top and add salt and pepper.
Fold leaves over one another then fold layers of foil over tightly to cover.

Place in the oven approximately 2 hours.


My_Kids_Mum said…
I looooooooooooooooove lu... thanks for the recipe!
Anonymous said…
well, i hope you don't mind that i found your blog. we don't know each other but i had the blessing of living in Laie for a while (my husband attended BYUH if you are familiar with it) and I have decided that the only way to eat is the way all of my friends from the islands eat and to also make a lot of it. So, I was looking for a recipe for pani popo and for taro and corn beef and wha lah! you had it. This sight will defnitely be for me.
devri said…
This is my fav- lu pulu, lu sipi, and lu moa... Great job woman!!!!!
Crystal said…
YES!!! I wondering if anyone in the blog world had posted a recipe for lu.
the mama hood said…
my kids mum: no prob!

Amber: Cool! Let me know of any requests!

Devri: fank you velly much!

Crystal: No probs! Hope it turns out great! You are an amazing artist!
Lys said…
I love lupulu. Can I make it - ummm.. one day, perhaps?

Anyways, thank you for posting this and I have linked you over on my cooking blog for anyone who's looking for some Polynesian fare :0
Vaitai 6 said…
YUMMMMM~! I love this recipe... We used to make lu EVERY sunday in hina, it was BOMB! But since I've got this new year's resolution I hope I can make this low fat?! Maybe Ika huh???

Love your site!
LujansFinest said…
My hubby luvs Lu Pulu...I've never made it before...But, I sure would like to surprise him and try...We live in Texas, where would you by the leaves from?
Andrea said…
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Jena said…
Aloha from Germany! I am living here for 2 years for my hubby's work...I can't get taro leaves. What can I use instead? I have been craving Lupulu!!! Mahalo for the Ono-licious Blog!!!
Ane said…
You can substitute Spinach for the Taro leaves. Steam it separately then drain it. Cook the other ingredients in a pot and add in the steamed spinach towards the end. Taste very good as well. We add tomatoes when we make it with spinach. It tastes Ono too! :)
Anonymous said…
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Tristen said…
Making this on Sunday for some Tongan friends-- question... looks like you have potatoes floating in the middle-- is this accurate? Should I toss potatoes in? Thanks!