Haka Talo (Cooked taro)


* 1 big taro
* 1 can of coconut cream
* 1/2 onion
* water


pot or saucepan, sharp knife, cutting board


Place pot on stove and add two cups water over medium heat.

Use knife to remove skin off taro.
Wash taro and knife before placing taro on cutting board.
Cut in half then cut into smaller pieces.
Put Taro into pot, (make sure water covers most taro pieces )

cover and boil until Taro is almost tender when pierced with a fork.

Chop onion and add to cup of coconut cream/milk

then add pinch of of salt for taste before pouring it over taro when almost cooked (decrease the heat and let simmer)

* Use a fork to check if taro is cooked, it will be soft then taro is cooked, serve hot with lupulu or 'ota 'ika.

What to serve this with: Palusami, Pork, Beef, Lu Pulu, chicken, chop suey....


devri said…
We made this last night, only instead we just used mayo... I do likey with cocanut milk though.
Anonymous said…
what would you serve with the taro?

thanks for sharing all your recipes.
Ila said…
Yahoo!!! For the first time in Poland I found taro! From Peru to be true but always counts! I am going to make this today!
Anonymous said…
You wouldn't believe how hard it was to find a "how to cook Taro" article. This is the only article, there isn't even any youtube videos on how to cook taro 5 1/2 years later lol but thanks heaps! Malo!!!