Sunday, December 28, 2008

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls

2 ounces rice vermicelli
8 rice wrappers (8.5 inch
8 large cooked shrimp - peeled,
deveined and cut in half
1 1/3 tablespoons chopped
fresh Thai basil
3 tablespoons chopped fresh
mint leaves
3 tablespoons chopped fresh
2 leaves lettuce, chopped
4 teaspoons fish sauce
1/4 cup water
2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
1 clove garlic, minced
2 tablespoons white sugar
1/2 teaspoon garlic chili sauce
3 tablespoons hoisin sauce
1 teaspoon finely chopped

1. Bring a medium saucepan of water to boil. Boil rice vermicelli 3 to 5 minutes, or until al dente, and drain.
2. Fill a large bowl with warm water. Dip one wrapper into the hot water for 1 second to soften. Lay wrapper flat. In a row across the center, place 2 shrimp halves, a handful of vermicelli, basil, mint, cilantro and lettuce, leaving about 2 inches uncovered on each side. Fold uncovered sides inward, then tightly roll the wrapper, beginning at the end with the lettuce. Repeat with remaining ingredients.
3. In a small bowl, mix the fish sauce, water, lime juice, garlic, sugar and chili sauce.
4. In another small bowl, mix the hoisin sauce and peanuts.
5. Serve rolled spring rolls with the fish sauce and hoisin sauce mixtures

source: All Recipes

Uncle Willy's Haupia


Coconut Milk 4 cups

Sugar 1 ½ cups

Milk 2 cups

Cornstarch ¾ cups

In a bowl, whisk together cornstarch and milk

In a saucepan, on medium, heat coconut milk and sugar

Add milk and cornstarch mixture, stir constantly

Heat mixture until it thickens. Do not boil

Pour into 8 inch square pan and chill

Cut into squares


Chicken Long Rice

2 Chicken thighs or 1 chicken breast boiled until cooked, slightly cooled and cut into pieces
 (I like to cook the chicken with the bones for more flavor and nutrition.)
1-2 tsp. grated ginger, (depending on your preference of taste)
1-2 cloves garlic minced
2 bundles of bean thread noodles
 1-1/2 C. low sodium Chicken Broth
1 Carrot- Julienned (optional)

Salt pepper to taste
Chopped green onion
Add dashes of soy sauce to taste. 

Add chicken to a pot and cover with water. Add ginger and garlic. Cover the chicken and cook on medium high.
Meanwhile as your chicken is cooking, soak noodles in warm water for 20-40 minutes until soft, so they don’t soak up all the chicken broth. Cut noodles with scissors if desired. I like them longer. When the chicken is done, reserve broth and  remove the chicken and de-bone it. Cut it up or shred it.  Discard, skin and bones. Put the chicken back in the broth and drain the noodles, then add them to the pot. Add the carrots to the pot. Next, pour in the cans of chicken broth, bring it to a simmer and cook until long rice is translucent. 
Salt and pepper to taste. Add in chopped green onion or garnish individual bowls with the chopped green onion.

Enjoy the deliciousness! 

Mihana’s Teriyaki Chicken


4-6 Servings

5 lbs Chicken Thighs

2 Cups Flour

2 Cups Soy Sauce

½ Cup Sugar

½ Cup Green Onions diced

5 Cloves Garlic minced

½ Tbsp Hot Sauce

½ Cup Worcestershire Sauce

2 Tbsp Garlic Salt

6 Cups Canola Oil

In a bowl combine chicken with garlic salt. Place in refrigerator for 1 hour.

Heat oil in frying pan to 350 degrees.

In a large bowl, combine soy sauce, sugar, green onions, garlic, hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce. Mix together.

Place flour in a large bowl.

Roll chicken in flour and dust off.

In small batches, place in frying pan and fry until golden brown. Internal temperature of 160 degrees.

Place each cooked batch into soy mixture for 2-3 minutes.

Serve on a platter.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hawaiian Pork Hash

Hawaiian Pork Hash

Prep Time: 20 Minutes
Cook Time: 30 Minutes
Ready In: 50 Minutes
Yields: 25 servings

* 1/4 pound ground pork
* 1/4 pound shrimp - peeled, deveined and minced to a paste
* 1 egg white
* 2 tablespoons chopped water chestnuts
* 2 tablespoons chopped green onion
* 2 tablespoons cornstarch
* 2 teaspoons soy sauce
* 1 teaspoon white sugar
* 1 teaspoon minced garlic
* 1 teaspoon oyster sauce
* 1/4 teaspoon salt
* 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
* 1/4 teaspoon sesame oil
* 1 (14 ounce) package round dumpling skins


1. In a medium bowl, mix together the ground pork, shrimp, egg white, water chestnuts, green onion, cornstarch, soy sauce, sugar, garlic, oyster sauce, salt, pepper, and sesame oil.
2. Place about 1 tablespoon of this filling onto the center of each dumpling wrapper, and bring the sides up to the top. Do not seal the top, as these dumplings are left open.
Place dumplings in a steamer.
3. Set the steamer basket over a pan or wok of boiling water. Steam for 30 minutes.

Mango Otai

This is a traditional Polynesian beverage. Watermelon or apple can be used instead of mango; experiment with the recipe and create your own tradition.
16 medium ripe mangoes I like to use mangoes that are slightly red or green. The less ripe mangoes are best as they are easier to grate. (10 cups cut fruit)
1 quart heavy cream
4 cups pineapple juice
2 1/2 cups coconut cream
1/2 cup sugar
2 1/2 cups crushed ice

Peel and grate mangoes in a large bowl add heavy cream, pineapple juice, coconut cream, sugar and crushed ice. Mix with a large spoon to blend ingredients and dissolve sugar. Refrigerate or serve immediately. Drink must be stirred before serving if it is held in the refrigerator. Makes 24 8-ounce servings.

Thanksgiving Island Style


images from:

1 twelve pound turkey
16 large ti leaves
1/2 cup softened butter or margarine
3 tablespoons Hawaiian salt
2 teaspoons liquid smoke

Rinse and drain turkey. Line a large baking pan with foil. Wash ti leaves in a sink of cold water with a few drops of dish soap then rinse. Remove fibrous part of the veins. Line baking pan with ti leaves radiating from center. Place two additional ti leaves across the middle of the pan. Place turkey on the ti leaves. Rub butter, salt, then liquid smoke on inside and outside of turkey. Place 4-6 ti leaves over the turkey. Fold leaves around the turkey.Crimp foil around turkey and cover pan tightly with additional foil. Roast in oven at 375 degrees F for 6 hours. Shred turkey and add in pan liquid to moisten meat.

Serve with rice and a table full of trimmings.

Makes 8-10 servings.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mango Bread

image from:

bake: 350º
time: 55 minutes for smaller pans
1 hour for larger pans
(Tops should spring back when touched and a toothpick
should emerge from the loaf's center clean.)
yield: 4 loaves, about 10 slices each

2 cups all purpose flour
1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp baking soda
1 cup grated coconut
1/2 cup raisins or walnuts chopped
2 cups fresh mango, diced
3 eggs, slightly beaten
1 tsp vanilla extract
3/4 cup vegetable oil

Prepare four loaf pans (2 1/2 by 5 inch or larger) by buttering them or using non-stick spray. Mix flour, sugar, salt, cinnamon and baking soda. Stir in coconut and raisins. Next, add mango. Mix well, then add eggs, vanilla extract and vegetable oil until blended. Don't over-mix. Fill prepared pans two-thirds full and bake.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cooked Green Bananas in Coconut Milk

Cooked Green Banana in coconut milk

Prep Time: 5 Minutes
Cook Time: 40 Minutes Ready In: 45 Minutes
Yields: 6 servings

"This simple take on a traditional Polynesian dish, requires
only some unripe bananas, coconut milk, and an onion."

(13.5 ounce) cans coconut
6 small unripe (green) bananas
1 large onion chopped


  • Combine the coconut milk and onion in a bowl; set aside.
  • Bring a large pot of water to a boil over medium heat.
  • Boil the bananas in their skin for 30 to 40 minutes; drain.
  • Run the bananas under cold water until they are cool enough to handle.
  • Remove the bananas whole from their skins.
  • Heat a large saucepan over medium-high heat.
  • Place the bananas in the pan.
  • Pour the coconut milk mixture over the bananas.
  • Cook until the coconut milk is foamy.
  • Allow to cool 5 minutes before serving.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chicken Katsu and Katsu Sauce

Chicken Katsu is often found on most Japanese, Hawaiian and Korean restaurant menus. These delectable deep fried chicken pieces with a side of dipping sauce can fulfill a good meal and is sure to please even the pickiest eaters. We love chicken Katsu served on a bed of cabbage slices and placed next to a scoop of rice and Macaroni salad.

Chicken Katsu

5 lbs of chicken thighs (deboned)

2 eggs (beaten)

Panko bread crumbs

or substitute with

corn flake crumbs
oil (for deep frying)

Katsu Sauce
  • 1/3 cup of ketchup
  • 1/4 cup of shoyu or soy sauce
  • 1/4 cup of sugar
  • 2 teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/4 teaspoon of red pepper (ground)

Procedure for Chicken

1. Make sure that the chicken thighs are de-boned. If needed, cut off any excess fat.
Lightly pound to 1/2 inch thickness

2. Dip, not soak, the chicken into the egg batter.

3. Lay the chicken in the Panko or cornflake crumbs and be sure to coat them.

4. Get your wok or a large skillet heated with the cooking oil. Once the oil is hot and sizzling, slowly drop the chicken pieces into the pan. Use the sides of the pan to drop the pieces; this is to avoid any oil splattering.

5. Remove chicken pieces from the pan once they are golden brown in color. You can also check if the chicken is well cooked by piercing and opening a slit.

6. Cut into slices and serve on a bed of lettuce or cabbage.

Procedure for Sauce

1. Pour the ingredients needed to make the sauce into a pot.

2. Mix together and bring the mixture to a boil.
Serve on side as a dip for chicken or lightly spooned over chicken.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


(photo by: kitchen mama)

Source: Aunt Maebelles Recipe's
1/2 pound pork, sliced thin
1/3 c. shoyu (soy sauce)
2 Tbs. sugar
1/4 thumb size, grated ginger
1 med. round onion, sliced thin
3 green onions chopped
1 block tofu, cubed

Brown pork in 1 tbs. oil, add shoyu, sugar and ginger. Cook until the sauce
Add all the onions, and cook over low heat, until round onions are transparent, gently fold in tofu, cook until tofu absorbs sauce. If you like more sauce you can double the shoyu and sugar.
So ono, (delicious over rice)


Source: (from Auntie Lora)
Adapted by: Auntie Maebelle

and taste-tested by Aloha JOE!

(not the pie mix -- just plain pumpkin)
1 CAN evaporated milk
3 EGGS (beaten)
1 BOX Yellow Cake Mix
(use the mix not the box)
1 CUP chopped nuts - Macadamia nuts
(of course)
1 CUP melted butter
Whipped Cream
Mix pumpkin, milk, eggs and sugar in a bowl. Pour into a 13 x 9 inch oblong pan. Sprinkle the DRY cake mix and nuts over the pumpkin mixture. Spoon the melted butter on top.
Bake @ 350 degrees for 1 hour.
Serve with whipped cream.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lu Pulu ( Taro Leaves and Corned Beef)


* 15 taro leaves washed stems removed
* 1 can corn beef
* 1 cup coconut milk
* 1 medium size onion
* 1 chopped tomato (optional)
* 1 banana leaf or 50sq cm foil.
Salt and Pepper to taste.

Utensils used

Knife for cutting, fork & a cutting board.


Pre-heat oven to about 180-200 degrees C.
Wash the taro leaves and put them on top of the foil.
Put the beef on top of taro leaves.
Slice the onion and spread around the beef.
Pour the coconut milk on top and add salt and pepper.
Fold leaves over one another then fold layers of foil over tightly to cover.

Place in the oven approximately 2 hours.

Haka Talo (Cooked taro)


* 1 big taro
* 1 can of coconut cream
* 1/2 onion
* water


pot or saucepan, sharp knife, cutting board


Place pot on stove and add two cups water over medium heat.

Use knife to remove skin off taro.
Wash taro and knife before placing taro on cutting board.
Cut in half then cut into smaller pieces.
Put Taro into pot, (make sure water covers most taro pieces )

cover and boil until Taro is almost tender when pierced with a fork.

Chop onion and add to cup of coconut cream/milk

then add pinch of of salt for taste before pouring it over taro when almost cooked (decrease the heat and let simmer)

* Use a fork to check if taro is cooked, it will be soft then taro is cooked, serve hot with lupulu or 'ota 'ika.

What to serve this with: Palusami, Pork, Beef, Lu Pulu, chicken, chop suey....

'Ota 'Ika ( Raw Fish in Coconut milk)

  • 1 fresh mullet or a piece of tuna(filleted)

  • 2 lemons

  • 2 cups of coconut milk
  • onion (or spring onions)
  • 1-2 tomatoes
  • 1 green pepper
  • 1/4 lettuce (optional)

  • salt to taste

1. Place the boneless meat in a clean bowl

2. Cut the lemons and squeeze the juice all over the fish, making
sure the meat is well soaked in lemon juice.

3. Cover the bowl for an hour or an hour and a half
(depends on how much meat marinated)

4.Remove the boneless fish from the lemon juice, place it
on the cutting board and cut into small cubes.

5. Place all cubes in a clean bowl, chop the onion, tomato
green pepper and the lettuce and add to the fish.

6. Add coconut milk and stir everything in the bowl with a wooden spoon.

7. Chill in the fridge while preparing the rest of the meal.

8. Salt to taste

Tip: Serve with cooked green bananas, taro, yams or sweet potatoes.
Chill before serving.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hawaiian Shrimp Curry

1 c. boiling water

2 c. grated coconut, unsweetened
1/2 c. minced onion
3 Tbsp butter
3 Tbsp flour
1 Tbsp curry powder
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar
1 tsp fresh or dried gingerroot chopped
2 c milk
3 c cooked shrimp
  • Pour boiling water over the coconut several times until the water becomes white, let it sit while you continue with the recipe, then strain, saving the water.
  • In a heavy pan, cook onion in butter until tender; stir in flour and curry powder, salt, sugar and spice. Blend well;

  • Add milk and prepared coconut water. Cook, stirring frequently until smooth and thick.

  • Stir in shrimp.

  • Serve over hot cooked rice, or mixed with rice as a casserole.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chicken Fa fa (Tahitian Recipe)

(Tahitian chicken with Taro leaves or substitute w/ Spinach)

Yield: 4-6 servings


1 1/2 lbs-
Taro leaves (fa fa), The taro must be cooked in saltwater first to remove irritating cacium oxalate

from the leaves.)

Spinach (stems removed, chopped)

(If using frozen spinach, thaw first.

Then squeeze dry before adding to the simmering chicken.)

2-3 Tbsp- Oil

1 1/2 lbs -whole Chicken thighs

(Use boneless, skinless chicken thighs or breasts if you like. Cut into cubes before sautéing.)

2 -Onions chopped finely

2-4 -cloves of Garlic minced

1" -piece of Ginger root peeled and minced

1 1/2 cups -Stock or water

Salt & pepper -to taste

2-3 tsp- Cornstarch or arrowroot

1 cup- Coconut cream (Coconut cream is the thick coconut milk that rises to the top of a can of coconut milk.

Don't shake the can before you open it and you can skim it right off the top.)

Basic Steps: Simmer → Brown → Sauté → Simmer → Thicken → Finish with coconut cream

1.If using taro leaves, bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add the taro leaves, reduce heat and simmer

for 30-40 minutes. Drain and squeeze dry. If using spinach, skip this step and proceed to Step 2.

2. Heat the oil over medium-high flame in a large pot. Brown the chicken on all sides in the hot oil. Remove to

a plate. Sauté the onion, garlic and ginger in the remaining oil till the onion is translucent. Add back the

chicken pieces, stock or water, salt and pepper. Reduce the heat to low and simmer, covered for about 20

minutes. Add the taro leaves or spinach and simmer another 15 minutes till chicken is tender.

3. Stir the cornstarch or arrowroot into 2-3 tablespoons of cold water and then stir into the simmering sauce

to thicken lightly. Stir in coconut cream to finish and serve over rice.

(My tip-I love this with yams or sweet potatoes too!)

Tahitian Punch

Source: Food Down Under

Yield: 1 Quart


1 1/4 cup Sliced banana

1 1/4 cup Sliced strawberries, chilled

1 1/4 cup Sliced peeled papaya, chilled

1 cup Sliced peeled mango, chilled

1 cup Orange juice, chilled

1 cup Crushed ice

1 ctn (8-ounce) plain nonfat yogurt


Directions: Place all ingredients in a blender, and process until smooth.

Serve immediately.

Yield: 1-1/2 quarts (serving size: 1 cup).

Monday, June 2, 2008

Lomilomi Salmon

Image source:

Source: Polynesian Cultural Center Website

In Hawaiian, lomilomi means to massage, or in this case to break the salmon into small pieces,

which are then mixed with tomatoes, onions, and other small condiments, giving it a delicious

tangy taste that goes great with poi. This style of fish preparation, introduced to Hawaii by early

western sailors, is a delightful surprise and a must-have item at any luau.

Yield: 4 servings


Whole Tomatoes, 4 each

Green Onions, 1/2 lb

Round Onions, 2

Diced Salmon, 3 lbs


Core and rinse tomatoes; slice tomatoes in 4's; using diced

cutter, place 1 tomato slice and hand push cutter; place in large

12" plastic bowl.

Repeat same procedure for onions,

Cut green onion thinly and add to mixture.

Combine all ingredients and mix well.

Divide evenly into bowl. Cover and place in refrigerator.

Friday, May 23, 2008




2 to 3 lb. (pork ribs) cut length /wise

4 cloves garlic

1 small (thumb/size) piece of ginger, crushed

1/2 cup vinegar

3/4 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup soy sauce
Hawaiian salt to taste

( use Kosher if Hawaiian Salt isn't available)
1 can pineapple chunks, (save the juice)

Par boil ribs for 15 minutes, in boiling water.

Drain and cut into riblets, add the sauce ingredients and simmer until cooked.
(about 45 minutes)
Thicken the pineapple juice with flour or cornstarch and add to the ribs.

This is so easy and Ono.

Aunty Maebelle

Saturday, May 10, 2008

PAI FALA (Pineapple Pie)-Or Half-Moon Pie


5 cups flour

3 teaspoons baking powder

1/2 cup butter

1 can (14 ounces) coconut cream

Mix all of the above until a smooth ball forms.
Divide into 6 pieces and roll each out into an 8-inch circle.


4 cups crushed pineapple, drained

2 cups sugar

1 cup milk

1/2 cup cornstarch

1/2 cup pineapple juice

For the crust: Whisk together flour and baking powder, cut in butter, then mix in coconut milk until a smooth ball forms. Divide into six pieces and roll each out into an 8-inch circle. For the filling: In a saucepan, heat together pineapple, sugar and milk until hot. Whisk cornstarch into pineapple juice and add to heated pineapple. Stir and allow to cool. Spoon pineapple filling into middle of each dough circle. Fold over and seal edges, brushing with a little water. Prick tops of turnovers with fork to release steam. Place on greased cookie sheets and bake at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes or until golden brown. Makes 6 turnovers.
  • Per turnover: 1,050 calories, 29 g fat, 21 g saturated fat, 45 mg cholesterol, 350 mg sodium, 187 g carbohydrate, 6 g fiber, 91 g sugar, 15 g protein 

  • Source:  Lily Dayton and NC

    If you are in the Salt Lake City area stop by Tupea's Polynesian Market to try some fresh and
    ready-to-eat Half-Moon Pineapple Pies!
    Call us for more information on pricing and availability!

    Sunday, May 4, 2008

    Macaroni Salad..(as Requested)


    • 1 or 1/2 bag Elbow Mac ( follow cooking directions)
    • 1/2 med yellow onion ( mince very fine)
    • 1/2 med celery stalk (mince very fine)
    • 1 med carrot (shredded)
    • 1 small can slice olives (optional)
    • 1/2-1 tsp of each: black pepper, garlic salt, celery salt
    • celery seed; or to taste
    • 1 cup BEST FOODS MAYONAISE or to taste
    • (I prefer this and I do not use other mayo but that brand)
    • 2 Dashes of Curry powder or 1/2 tsp (secret ingredient)
    Boil macaroni and drain, Rinse under cool running water, drain, and transfer to a large bowl. Stir in all remaining ingredients, adding more mayonnaise as needed.
    Cover and chill for at least 2 hours or overnight.

    Hawaiian Chicken Salad Recipe

    Group Recipes
    By: chihuahua


    * 2 1/2 cups cooked Chicken, chopped

    * 1 14-ounce can diced Pineapple, drained

    * 1 cup Celery, chopped

    * 2 Tbs. Salad Oil

    * 2 Tbs. Lemon juice

    * 1/4 tsp. Salt

    * freshly ground Pepper, to taste

    * 1 to 2 Tbs. Mayonnaise

    * Lettuce leaves

    * 1/4 cup sliced Almonds (sautéed in a little butter and drained)


    1. Mix chicken, pineapple and celery together.

    2. Add salad oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

    3. Marinate for 1 hour.

    4. Mix in mayonnaise to taste.

    5. Serve in a bowl lined with lettuce leaves and sprinkle with almonds.

    Wednesday, April 23, 2008

    Sweet Rice Flour and Coconut Cake (Butter Mochi)

    Source:Diana's Recipe Book

    3 cups mochiko* (sweet rice flour; 1 lb)

    2 1/2 cups organic evaporated cane sugar

    2 teaspoons baking powder

    1/4 teaspoon salt

    2 (14-oz) cans unsweetened coconut milk (not low-fat)

    5 large organic eggs

    1/2 stick (1/4 cup) organic unsalted butter, melted and cooled

    1 teaspoon gluten-free vanilla extract

    Sweetened shredded coconut, for topping (optional)


    Put oven rack in middle position and preheat oven to 350 degrees F/180 degrees C.

    Whisk together mochiko, sugar, baking powder, and salt in a large bowl. Whisk

    together coconut milk, eggs, butter, and vanilla in another bowl. Add coconut

    mixture to flour mixture, whisking until batter is combined.

    Pour batter into an ungreased 9 x 13-inch baking pan, smoothing top, and bake

    until top is golden and cake begins to pull away from sides of pan, about 1 1/2

    hours. Cool cake completely in pan on a rack, about 2 hours. Sprinkle top with

    shredded coconut, if desired. Cut mochi into 24 squares before serving.

    Cooks' note:

    Mochi keeps, covered and chilled, 3 days.

    *Available at Asian markets and at:

    Adapted from The Food of Paradise by Rachel Laudan


    Date: October 2, 2006

    Wednesday, April 9, 2008

    Chocolate Bread Pudding

    Source: King's Hawaiian Bakery

    2 1/2 cups half-and-half
    1 1/2 cups semisweet chocolate chips (9 oz.)
    4 large eggs
    1/4 cup granulated sugar
    1 tsp. vanilla
    1/8 tsp. salt
    6 cups lightly packed 1/2-inch cubes King's Hawaiian Sweet Bread(about half of 16 oz. loaf)


    1. Heat half-and-half in 2-qt. saucepan over medium heat until small bubbles form around edge.
    2. Remove from heat, stir in chocolate, mix until melted. Cool slightly.
    3. Whisk together eggs, sugar, vanilla and salt.
    4. Fold 1 cup cooled chocolate into egg mixture.
    5. Stir in remaining chocolate until blended.
    6. Pour chocolate mixture over bread cubes and mix until bread is well coated.
    7. Cover and let stand at room temperature for 30 minutes.
    8. Preheat oven to 325° F.
    9. Lightly apply non-stick spray to six 6-oz. custard cups. Mound bread equally into each cup*.
    10. Place cups on baking sheet. Bake for 35-40 minutes or until knife inserted in center comes out nearly clean.
    11. Best served warm with chocolate or vanilla sauce. *A greased 8x8x2-inch pan may be substituted. Bake 40-45 minutes in preheated 325° F oven.
    Makes 6 servings.

    Spam Musubi

    Spam Musubi
    Recipe courtesy of: Corinne Domingo


    3 cups cooked rice, room temperature
    5 sheets nori, cut in half lengthwise
    1 (12 oz.) can Spam
    6 tbsp soy sauce
    4 tbsp Rice Wine Vinegar
    4 tbsp sugar
    Furikake(Rice Seasoning)to taste


    Cut Spam into 10 slices. Fry until slightly crispy. Remove and drain
    on plate lined with paper towels. In another pan, combine soy sauce, Rice wine vinegar and sugar. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, then reduce to low. Add Spam slices, coating them in the mixture. When mixture has thickened, remove Spam from pan.

    Lay a sheet of nori lengthwise on a clean surface. Moisten lower half of musubi maker (see Note),
    and place on lower third of nori. Fill musubi maker with rice and press flat until the rice is
    3/4-inch high. Sprinkle rice with furikake. Top with slice of Spam. Remove musubi maker and keep in a bowl of warm water to keep it clean and moist.

    Starting at the end towards you, fold nori over Spam and rice stack, and keep rolling until
    completely wrapped in the nori. Slightly dampen the end of the nori to seal it. Repeat with the
    other nine Spam slices, making sure to rinse off musubi maker after each use to prevent it from
    getting too sticky.

    Note: You can also use an empty Spam can that has been opened on both sides for the musubi mold, using your hands (or a piece of Spam) to press down on the rice.

    Friday, March 28, 2008

    Local-Style BBQ Chicken

    Asian flavored barbecued chicken. Serve with rice and macaroni salad and you have a great Polynesian meal!

    55 min | 10 min prep | SERVES 5 -6
    4 cups soy sauce
    1 cup water
    3 cups sugar
    2 teaspoons sesame oil
    3 tablespoons minced garlic
    3 tablespoons minced ginger
    2-3 lbs chicken parts
    1. Mix together all ingredients except chicken.
    2. Stir in marinade until sugar is dissolved. Add chicken to marinade and refrigerate for several hours or overnight.
    3. Flip chicken around ever so often while marinating.
    4. Barbecue on grill or bake in the oven at 375 for 45 to an hour depending on how big the chicken parts are.
    5. Turn half way through cooking.
    6. * I made this in the oven and put it the oven on "convection roast" for about 45 minutes.
    Source: Recipe Zaar

    Thursday, March 27, 2008

    Baked Sweet Potato

    Sweet potatoes are another favorite starch staple throughout Polynesia.

    Yield: 4 servings


    Sweet potatoes, 3 each

    Butter, 1/4 cup


    Wash sweet potatoes and place in baking sheet pans.
    Bake potatoes for 30-40 minutes at 350 degrees.
    Remove from oven and brush butter onto potatoes
    Cut into bite sizes, place in small serving pan.

    Source: The Polynesian Cultural Center

    Wednesday, March 19, 2008


    • 1 1/2 cups sliced bananas
    • 1 1/4 cups guava nectar
    • 1/2 cup sugar
    • 1 T. lemon juice
    • 1/4 t. salt
    • 3 T cornstarch
    • 3 T cold water
    • baked pie shell or graham cracker crust

    1.Combine guava nectar, lemon juice, sugar and salt in a saucepan and bring to boil over low heat.

    2.In a small bowl mix cornstarch and water to a smooth paste then stir into saucepan mixture.

    3.Stir mixture until thickened and clear then remove from heat and allow to cool.

    4.Combine cooled mixture with bananas and pour into baked pie shell or graham cracker crust.

    Serve with whipped cream.

    Serves 8.

    Source: Aloha Friends Luau

    Chicken Adobo

    Adobo is the Philippines national dish and a favorite with many people in Hawaii

    • 3 pounds chicken thighs, cut into serving pieces
    • 1/2 cup white vinegar
    • 1/2 cup soy sauce
    • 1/4 tsp peppercorns, crushed
    • 1 teaspoon brown sugar
    • 5 garlic cloves, crushed
    • 3 bay leaves
    • Salt to taste


    1. Combine all ingredients in a pan, cover, and allow to marinate one to three hours.

    2. Bring to a boil, then lower heat and simmer for 30 minutes.

    3. Uncover the pan and allow to simmer for an additional 15 minutes or until most of the liquid has evaporated and the chicken is lightly brown.

    Serve with white rice.

    Serves: 4 to 6

    Almost anything can be cooked adobo style: beef, fish, shellfish, and vegetables, in addition to pork or chicken, are excellent.

    Source: and Hawaii Governor Ben Cayetano's recipe

    Sunday, March 2, 2008

    Chocolate Haupia (Coconut) Pie Recipe

    1½ hours | 20 min prep | SERVES 8

    1 prepared 9 inch pie shell

    1 (14 ounce) can coconut milk

    1 cup sugar

    1 cup whole milk (but you can us skim or low fat)

    1/2 cup cornstarch

    1 cup water

    7 ounces semisweet chocolate

    1 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream

    1/4 cup sugar

    chocolate shavings, for garnish

    1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).

    2. Bake crust for 15 minutes, or until golden brown.

    3. Set aside to cool.

    4. In a medium saucepan, whisk together milk, coconut milk and 1 cup sugar.

    5. In a separate bowl, dissolve the cornstarch in water.

    6. Bring coconut mixture to a boil.

    7. Reduce to simmer and slowly whisk in the cornstarch.

    8. Continue stirring mixture over low heat until thickened.

    9. In a small sauce pan, melt chocolate chips for 1 minute or until melted.

    10. Reserve 1/2 of the coconut mixture.

    11. Mix remaining half with the melted chocolate and pour in bottom of pie crust;

    pour reserved half on top of chocolate layer.

    12. Cover and refrigerate for about an hour.

    13. Whip cream with 1/4 cup sugar until stiff peaks form.

    14. Layer the cream on pie; if desired garnish with chocolate shavings.

    15. *Best if it refrigerates over night to completely firm.

    Thursday, February 28, 2008

    Malasadas (sweet doughnuts)--EDITED

    Malasadas are one of the all time favorite snacks at community functions and fund-raisers. If you make this, you will rapidly become popular with all of your local friends. A non-traditional (read haole) way of preparing this is to add nutmeg or cinnamon to the sugar mixture that is used to coat the maladsadas.


         1         package yeast (1 T)
    1 teaspoon sugar
    1/4 cup warm water

    6 cups flour
    1/2 cup sugar
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1/4 cup melted butter or margarine
    1 cup water
    1 cup evaporated milk
    6 eggs

    1 quart vegetable oil (to cook)
    extra sugar
    Dissolve yeast, sugar and water and set aside. Beat eggs. Measure flour into mixing bowl and add salt. Make a well in the flour, pour yeast mixture, eggs and other ingredients. Beat in circular motion until the dough is soft. Cover, let raise until double. Turn dough over but do not punch down. Cover and let raise again. Heat oil to 375 degrees and drop dough by teaspoon full into oil and cook until brown. Shake in brown bag with sugar. Best when hot.

    Note: If the malasadas have a tendency to come out with the center still doughy, turn the heat down on the oil which will allow them to cook longer.


    Aunty Betty's Oven Chow Mein

    Source:Aloha World Ono Recipes

    1/3 C Shoyu
    1/3 C Oyster sauce
    1/3 C Oil (half vegetable, half sesame oil)
    1-2 Tbsp Sugar
    2 packages Chop suey mix (if not available, use bean sprouts and Chinese greens)
    Green onions, chopped Carrots and string beans, cut in slivers
    1/2 lb Charsiu, slivered
    or shredded chicken
    3 lbs Chow mein (best from Chinese market, refrigerated section)
    Chinese parsley (Cilantro)

    Cooking Instructions:
    Mix everything but the charsiu. Sprinkle charsiu or chicken on top and cover with foil. Bake 1/2 hour at 375 degrees. Garnish with sprigs of parsley.

    Pork Char Siu

    ¾ hours | 1 hour prep | SERVES 4 -6
    1 1/2 lbs boneless pork butt
    1/4 cup hoisin sauce
    1/2 cup soy sauce
    2 tablespoons sugar
    1 tablespoon rice wine
    1 tablespoon vegetable oil
    1 1/2 teaspoons salt
    1/4 cup honey

    1. Cut the pork into long strips, 2 inches wide.
    2. Score each strip of meat with 3 or 4 shallow diagonal cuts for better absorption of the marinade.
    3. Make the marinade: Combine the hoisin sauce, soy sauce, sugar, rice, wine, oil and salt. Add the pork and turn to coat.
    4. Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour.
    5. Preheat the oven to 375°F.
    6. Remove the pork from the marinade; reserve the marinade and add it to the honey.
    7. Place the strips of pork on a wire rack in a baking pan.
    8. Pour water into the pan just below the level of the rack.
    9. Roast for 20 minutes.
    10. Turn the strips over, brush them with the honey marinade, and continue to roast until the pork is no longer pink when cut in the thickest part, about 20 minutes. Cut into slices and serve hot or cold.


    Monday, February 25, 2008

    My Mama's Watermelon Otai Recipe

    ʻOtai is a fruit drink which originated in Tonga and is usually made as a summertime refreshment. It is a blend of water, coconut milk and any variety of pulped tropical fruit such as coconut, watermelon, mango and pineapple but is almost always watermelon as it is plentiful in Tonga. A small amount of sugar may be added, although the recipe is considerably sweet on its own.

    The most popular variation is a simple blend of coconut milk, watermelon and mango. Ice cubes might also be added to make a sort of smoothie.

    Definition Source: Wikipedia

    Mama's Watermelon Otai


    1 Ripe Seedless Watermelon halved and sliced
    1 can of Crushed Pineapples
    1/2 cup of shredded coconut
    1 can of Evaporated milk
    1/2 Cup Sugar
    Ice Cubes

    1/2 a fresh lime squeezed 


    In a large bowl grate watermelon with a fork making sure melon is not in huge chunks. (If you don't use a seedless watermelon make sure that most of the black seeds are removed with a spoon)

    Add Pineapple and it's juices, Coconut, Evaporated Milk, and two cans of water using the can of milk. Stir.

    Add Sugar and stir add more to taste. I love to add fresh lime squeezed into it. It just brightens up the taste

    and gives it a good balance.  Add Ice Cubes and Serve.

    Serves: The whole family and then some....